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ORIS CxF Toolbox In a global world, electronically communicating colour data accurately is quickly becoming a requirement. Global workflows as well as in-house digital workflows from designer to press are demanding common, adequate and effective means to communicate colour and appearance. CxF allows seamless, worldwide, digital communication of all commercially significant aspects of colour.


If brand colour consistency is an important part of your business then you need to be able to utilise CxF files easily. Designers can immediately design in colour accurate specifications, and when the proof reaches the printer you can rest assured that all the colour data they need is properly contained in the file as well.

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Screengrab of ORIS CxF Toolbox

ORIS CxF Toolbox

ORIS CxF Toolbox converts measured CGATS data from any instrument to CxF data. Any PDF/X file can be analyzed with CxF Toolbox to extract the CxF data for tone value increase aims, colorimetry, tolerances and more. PDF files can be updated, new CxF data embedded and output intent profiles defined. Ink formulation data can be stored and read to verify that correct ink formulation ingredients and opacity are being used by the final printer, all to ensure your brand color is the same – from one press run to the next.

Screengrab of ORIS CxF Designer

ORIS CxF Designer

ORIS CxF Designer uses already created CxF files and imports them directly into the Adobe design software swatch library. Colormetric brand colors are used for file creation, then CxF Designer automatically exports the full CxF metadata to the PDF/X file. Designers no longer need to wait for the perfect color to be created. What is used on screen can be sent directly with the final PDF.



Key Benefits

  • Use of standard file format for brand colors
  • Design files using exact brand colors
  • Export CxF metadata to PDF/X for supply chain partners
  • Ink formulation instructions embedded for easy extraction
  • Match colors, tints and overprints accurately
  • Reduces press setup time
  • Includes tools for reporting quality metrics

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Our halftone proofs are always a hundred percent color accurate, even when reproducing spot colors. This is a prerequisite for our customers.

Jochen Heibrock, Managing Director
Thomas & Kurzberg

We are achieving perfect delta E-values and hit the right colour all the time. The wider colour gamut achieved via the special XG inks is absolutely breathtaking.

Darren Havercroft

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