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ORIS Flex pack // webAt Packaging Innovations we are committed to bringing the latest technology for Proofing and Colour Management the industry has to offer. Our core product ORIS Flex Pack is the first truly “fit for purpose” digital Inkjet solution that meets the needs of the packaging industry. With a large Colour-Space, Metallic and White ink combined with printing onto a range of Packaging substrates makes this solution unbeatable.


By combining the innovative ORIS FlexPack software with the Roland VersaCAMM Eco Solvent Inkjet Printer/Cutter, running highly defined XG Inks onto a range of specifically manufacturer substrates, it is now an easy task to produce colour accurate packaging mock-ups in house.

By re-defining the 8 colour inkset to include Orange, Green, White and Metallic we are able to achieve proof standard mock-ups.  The ORIS FlexPack software allows production of metallic spot colours directly to substrate, the on-board cut feature the Roland VersaCAMM then allows seamless cutting and creasing of both rigid and flexible media.


Flex Pack // Web

Roland Printer

XG Inks

ORIS Media & Film



[Packaging Videos]

Here's some quick videos showing Flex Pack // Web in action producing some great mock ups.

Packaging Mock-ups with added UV varnish and Emboss.

Packaging Mock-ups with added UV varnish and Emboss.

Produce shrink sleeve packaging mock-ups.

Produce shrink sleeve packaging mock-ups.

Produce metal packaging mock-ups using Transfer Film.

Produce metal packaging mock-ups using Transfer Film.


[In this solution]

Below are the products and consumables that make up this packaging proofing solution. You can find out more about each on its own page.


Roland Printer Cutters

The revolutionary eco-solvent printer is available in four different sizes from 30-64 inch. The printer also includes a 'Print & Cut' function to produce adhesive labels and decals.

XG Inks

Unlike the standard inks, XG inks have been specifically formulated for proofing applications. The light inks (Lc, Lm) have been replaced with orange and green and the CMYK set has been completely redefined.

Varnished and Embossed Packaging Proofs

The latest addition to the innovative ORIS FlexPack // Web system is the new ORIS Varnish & Emboss option.

Contract Proofing Media

A range of coated simulated flexible and rigid stocks, guaranteed to make your mock-ups and prototypes stand out.

Production Proofing Media

The ORIS FlexPack Media family is specifically manufactured to replicate the look and feel of actual packaging.

[What our users are saying]

Inconsistencies are a thing of the past. We are achieving absolute colour accuracy and are very confident with the results.

Fast media changes, especially when using original substrates submitted by customers (metallic films, PE films, etc.) are just as important for us as achieving very good results.

Jochen Heibrock, Managing Director
Thomas & Kurzberg

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